AJ recently filmed the thriller Harbor Island, where she played the mother of a missing daughter, and just finished another a film called Agent 5 playing a spy. AJ's current project is a fantasy adventure film called Cassandra's Castle where she plays a lab technician. AJ is also Hosting a travel show Beyond Your White Picket Fence.


AJ Loved to play dress up and loved acting out her own plays in the family living room and often insisted on playing the ‘lead.’ This childhood passion evolved into a hunger for the big screen. AJ made the commitment just over 20 years ago to pursue her career as an actor and never looked back. Since, she has built an impressive resume both as an actor and a model feeling the best is still yet to come.


 “I can remember growing up playing dress up and making up skits with my friends and family. Of course, I  always had to be the lead, looking back that doesn't surprise me.”


AJ comes from humble beginnings and believes that giving back is important. She has a deep commitment to supporting abused women and children programs and finds time regularly to volunteer in helping the homeless.


“Helping others find their way when all has been lost just feels right. I love that feeling when you know you have touched someone’s life.”