AJ recently filmed the thriller Harbor Island, where she played the mother of a missing daughter, and just finished another a film called Agent 5 playing a spy. AJ's current project is a fantasy adventure film called Cassandra's Castle where she plays a lab technician. AJ is also Hosting a travel show Beyond Your White Picket Fence.



Measurements 35-27-37


Hair Blonde                              Shoe 6


Height 5'3                                 Dress Sm


Eyes Green-Blue                       Blouse Sm


Wt 120                                      Pant 6           








Lemay Car Museum


Masterpark Seatac Airport Parking


Salon Veda Hair/Fashion Show


Hawaii Hair/Fashion Show


Donna Martinez High Fashion


Clearwater Resort


Wedding Gallery 


Getty Images Mel Curtis


Microsoft Salon Hair Show


Franciscan Healthcare 




Verizon Iphone 


Emerald Queen Casino


Clearwater Spas